Thursday, May 1, 2008

FSLR - 5/1/2008

If yesterday's FSLR was amazing, today's FSLR was a story of unrealized potential for me. I made money on the whole but boy did I leave a TON on the table. Always gotta remember that the trend is your friend. The last short in particular was at a perfect spot - should still be holding that thing.


ainkurn said...

believe it or not, I planned before the open to short FSLR. I couldn't seem to get in when I wanted to and missed the move. Instead, I tried to "pick a bottom" and had drawdowns of 600 before getting out down 232. I finally made two more trades one long one short and made all the losses back, but left so much on the table. this makes me sick.

Johnson's Blog said...

Don't get too down, you've been making nice $$ on FSLR ainkurn.

Stewie said...

j. when is your traderinterview?