Friday, May 2, 2008

GFA - 5/2/2008 - Better to be lucky than good

I picked up some GFA yesterday on a canslim type buy as the stock had broken out the day before and looked good for a long term hold. Lucky for me the stock decided it'd gap up 10% today on no news making this just about the easiest 10% I've made in a while. I booked the gain and will get back in a bit lower.

Bought at 45.08, sold at 49.50 - Time in trade: 1 Day


Stewie said...

Nice trade J! i had that stock up on my blog a couple of days ago but kinda brushed it aside never thinking it had that kind of power. definitely a stock to get back into on any weakness next week. Also, watch DRYS.

Johnson's Blog said...

DRYS was huge into the close today - I definitely missed that one. Looks like it could be great next week.