Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trading Performance - Stepping Up the Accountability

Pasted below are charts of my trading account's equity curve. A year-to-date chart and a separate chart for each month are included. In posting these charts I'm looking to address one thing: Accountability.

There are two facets of accountability at work here. First, accountability to the reader. I'd love to see portfolio metrics on every trading blog I come across. I want to know if the person posting is full of it or not. So to you, my 9 faithful readers, I'll be offering up my equity curve. You'll be able to tell if I'm trading like crap and you are crazy to listen to me, or if I'm doing unbelievably well and everything I am touching is turning to gold.

The second facet of accountability is to myself. I'm an exceptionally competitive person and placing my results here for the world to see is very likely to cause me to have a much smoother equity curve than I have had in the past. 2007 was a year where I experienced massive gains, only to lose them towards the end of the year. I won't let that happen in 2008 and if placing my results on the internet for all to see plays a small part in that then I'm all for it.

Year-to-date Performance +17.44%:

January 2008 Performance +3.95% (+3.95% YTD):

February 2008 Performance -2.5% (+1.34% YTD):

March 2008 Performance +2.45% (+3.83% YTD):
April 2008 Performance +10.06% (+14.27% YTD):

May 2008 (May 1 - May 14) Performance +2.78% (+17.44% YTD):


Buck V said...

that's great work Johnson. from the charts' format I'm guessing you are a Tradestation brokerage customer. you use any automation or take signals on discretionary basis?

Buck Woodford
Teewinot Asset Management

Johnson's Blog said...

thanks buck - I do use Tradestation. Not using any automation now. I have in the past but now I prefer taking the trades myself.

JAYA said...

Hi Johnson,

Great work. Are all these day trades or include position/swing trades too.


Johnson's Blog said...


This includes both day trades and swing / position trades. I'd say about 80% of my profits have come from daytrading this year. For me, it's been a good year to get the gain and lock it in.

Stewie said...

great stuff johnson. you da man!