Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trader Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tim Borquin for the Trader Interview series last week. The interview has been posted to the site today so give it a listen and I'd love to hear your comments. I hate both the sound of my voice and how inarticulate I am at times so hopefully it isn't too painful.

Give it a listen at: Johnson's Trader Interview


tradergrrrl said...

You are your own worst critic! Your voice was fine and the interview was very informative. I might save it to play when I'm trading poorly!! You did well!

Stewie said...

hey buddy. just got done listening to your interview. I am not sure what you are talking about when you say, you were inarticulate. I thought it was a good interview. You were both relaxed and you sounded like a couple of old college buddies discussing trading over coffee. i was thought it was very informative and you made a lot of good points and you are very smart. You gave a lot of good insight into your trading. You do a lot of self analysis and always good. congrats on your great YTD performance and a good interview. keep it up J!

Blue said...

You have a youthful sounding voice Johnson. It's funny how we all share similar backgrounds and how we got started in trading. I'm trading the fund my Dad set up for me as well. He was a buy and hold guy, for instance Ballard Power 14 to 141 to 5 and I still have it. Lots of those losers still in my portfolio that I can only hope to take as a tax writeoff eventually. Corning 80 to 2? Ouch man! What an early lesson. I had Corning also. Sold it last year for profit.

shylu said...
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Market Monkey said...

Hey Johnson,

Nice interview...I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the fact that,IMO,trading success involves far more than good technical analysis- it involves knowledge of yourself and of your trading habits.

MC said...

Very nice and informative interview with a lot of good info.

Trade well!


Johnson's Blog said...

tradergrrrl and stewie - thanks for the kind words.

blue - ya how about that GLW? Luckily it was just a small amount of money. Very cheap lesson to learn so early on. If you have to see a stock go from 80 to 2 make sure its one of your first couple of trades ever. :)

market monkey - you are SO right. Bo Yoder talks about the three tests a trader must pass to achieve long term profitability - 1) Surviving long enough to achieve competency 2) Achieving consistent returns and 3) Learning flexibility. The 3rd is the key. Money management should get you through step 1 and keep you around long enough to get begin achieving consistent returns. To truly be successful long term though - the flexibility and ability to stay within yourself is the ABSOLUTE key.

MC - thanks. love to see the blog updates. Keep em coming.