Monday, May 12, 2008

GOOG - Kissing the channel goodbye or setting up for another run at 600+?

GOOG has long been a favorite stock of mine. I love their products and made some good money on its 3 year bull run. The question now is whether it is setting up to "kiss the channel goodbye" as the Worden's like to say (WEEKLY CHART), or is it setting up for another move higher as the daily chart seems to imply.

I'm long GOOG and betting that 600+ will come soon.

Update: Just saw that Brian Shannon at AlphaTrends took a look at Google just the other day.

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Blue said...

This whole Yahoo/Microsoft/Carl Ichan thing now seems to put a lot of pressure on Google. It should have had an excellent day today based on Comscore news, the market trending higher all day, etc. and it's stuck at 580. I went long yesterday at the close and got stopped out today at 579.