Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Equity Curve - April 2008


Market Monk said...

Congrats on a great month!

Johnson's Blog said...

Thanks MM. My best month in a while. Now I need to try not to lose those gains :)

I noticed you posted that you have been out of sync from the market. I always take a few days and don't even look at the market and fine I come back with a fresh perspective that often leads to big gains for my portfolio. Maybe give that a try?

You still running scans in TC? I'd be interested in hearing what you are looking at.

Stewie said...

hey J. what does this graph mean exactly? it sounds like good news tho.

Johnson's Blog said...

It's my trading results for realized trading in April. I was in the negative through the first 25-30 trades, went positive and then didn't look back from there. What stood out to me was how much my profits came in bunches and then I'd go sideways / slight down for a while.

I actually put on far less than 360ish trade 'ideas'- If I enter something with say 2000 shares but 500 at a time and then sell 500 at a time it'd count that as 4 trades rather than 1.

I'd be interested to see what top traders equity curves look like. I wonder if they go through the same sideways / down action or if they have less of that than I do.

Market Monk said...

Hi J, I am not using TC2005 any more. I am using Amibroker software and getting free price and index data from Yahoo. There are a number of scans I run. Remember though I have almost given up on trading stocks due to work and have been creating a market timing system based on the QQQQs (looking at overbought and oversold conditions).