Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Setting up for a nice long if it clears 49.50 with volume. IPI is Intrepid Potash, the best pure play on potash fertilizer that exists in the trading world. They announced earnings yesterday so we should be clear of any potential downside surprises.


Sia said...

Shorted ACI after reading your twitter, set the stop at 69

Stewie said...

very strong likelihood the coal sector and commodities in general take a tumble here. especially coal.

Johnson's Trading Blog said...

Hope it works out for you sia - I haven't taken anything yet but I like ACI over PCK and FDG short. The RSI divergence is nice.

Stewie - KOL chart agrees with you, especially if we break the trendline. I think if we get a bit of a bounce I may enter that short.

Johnson's Trading Blog said...

should have been PCX not PCK