Thursday, June 19, 2008


I went long a pretty good sized position in GOOG today on the chart pattern below. My entry was at 553 and I'm holding overnight for now. Got out of the MON today as well as ferts don't look safe for now.


Stewie said...

That double bottom on that intra day chart looked so yummy. Took a similar pattern in CF today.

Blue said...

Johnson, I took this same trade. I got in for 100 shares at 553 and rode it up to 558 and got stopped out. I was so stoked I made a quick buck on a near perfect trade. Then I walked away from the chart to look back and see that perfect double bottom. Lesson learned: keep the chart up.

I think Google at 540 will be VERY interesting if we go lower. I'm guessing you scaled out on Friday?