Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bo Yoder Update

An update from Bo Yoder today:

This market desperately needs to form a higher low, as any retest of the "peek" double bottom we formed in would be an extraordinarily bearish event.

Normally, when a breakdown occurs after a "peek" double bottom, prices will fall about as far as they did prior to the bottom's formation. If this projection is made, it would put us at the 1,000 point level for the S&P 500. We have plenty of room for reversal before any breakdown can occur, and I hope that the bulls are interested in defending the bottom in the months to come.

This and more at his very helpful website: The Five Minute Investor with Bo Yoder


j. / marketfolly said...

hey just heard the interview, congrats! had no idea until someone linked me to it. keep up the good work. (this is madhatter btw)

Stewie said...

How bout that ENER?! Check out CSIQ. looks real strong here.

Johnson's Trading Blog said...

I'm liking both of those - I picked up some APWR today - solar is hot