Monday, June 2, 2008

HOC - Tasty setup above 47.50 today

Refiners are on fire - check out HOC


Sia said...

One of my CNBC portfolios consists of 4 refiners. It is up 11% today. Million dollars for me!!??!?!

Johnson's Trading Blog said...


you're a lock! I think 11% a day might win the whole thing :)

Sia said...

Top 0.2% for the week
1679th overall
All I need is for WNR to double again.

upsidetrader said...

Thanks for the input and you did a wonderful job on your interview

Darwin said...

Johnson, what's your price target-$60-65? over what period of time?

Johnson's Trading Blog said...


I was looking for a quick couple of points as that resistance from the declining tops trend line would have me cautious on the stock longer term. Once it gets through that I think 55 is what a measured move would point to as the first stopping point.

Darwin said...

Thx-take a look at TXN...looks like it is slowly starting to top out