Friday, January 11, 2008

FSLR - 1/11/08

An example of how FSLR could have been traded today for some nice gains. Short on RSI spikes and cover on RSI lows.


Market Monk said...

Great chart and welcome to blogging, keep it up.


Johnson's Blog said...

thanks mm.

BullPreacher said...

Just caught you blog. Keep up the work.


Stewie said...

hey johnson.
Have you been trading lately? The last few sessions have offered very little even tho the charts have been very bullish, but most of the bullish moves are coming in the form of huge gap ups and for the most part these gap ups have been great opportunities to fade and get short. At this juncture this behavior is making me more and more bearish even tho no particular support levels have been broken yet. take care pal.

BullPreacher said...

Johnson - looked again at chart. Is the RSI shown on the chart? or did I simply overlook?


Johnson's Blog said...

bullpreacher - RSI is the indicator shown on the bottom of the chart. You can see that in this case FSLR was oversold when it dips down near 10, and overbought when it gets over 70.